Sunday, September 29, 2013

Use your iPhone for your next radio interview

Radio is still my favorite medium for fast, timely news.  And radio stations around the world are always looking for guest experts.  But relying on scratchy phone lines to get interviews is so last-century.

Did you know you can use your iPhone for a digital quality hi-fi interview?  Not the telephone part of your iPhone, but by using the Voice Memo app.

While being interviewed on the phone, you record your end of the conversation as a Voice Memo and then e-mail the file to the radio station which synch’s it up with what they recorded over the phone.  The result is FM quality sound rivaling that achieved had you been in the studio.

Even without an iPhone, you can record your interview on any desktop computer using a simple mic and e-mail the audio file to the station.

You sound better.  The station sounds better and your message is delivered in hi-fi!